In case you missed them, here are the items that have garnered the most interest from farmers in the month of October 2019:

  1. 9 Things To Know About Annual Ryegrass
  2. Hemp Prices Set to Decline, Market Oversupply Forecast
  3. How to Determine Your Ideal Seeding Rate for Cereal Rye
  4. Who Makes The Best No-Till Drill?
  5. Carbon Loss Proportional to Tillage Intensity
  6. Crunching Data on Regenerative Farm and Ranch Management
  7. [Video] A New Era for Cross Slot in North America
  8. Use Caution When Drying Soybeans
  9. In Depth: The Money-Making Power of Soil Microbes
  10. 5 Tips for Soil Health Test Sampling

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