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“Cover crops weren’t the final piece of the puzzle but they were a big missing piece of the puzzle for our cropping system...” – Mike Brocksmith

At the 2019 National No-Tillage Conference held in Indianapolis this past January, three no-tillers were recognized as the 11th annual class of Responsible Nutrient Management Practitioners for being environmentally, economically and practically responsible with their no-till nutrient management programs.

In this episode, you’ll hear from Robby Bevis of Lonoke, Arkansas; Mike Brocksmith of Vincennes, Indiana; and Jerry Peery of Clinton, Kentucky; each of whom will share five nutrient management practices they’ve implemented on their own farms that they say contribute to healthier soils and an improved bottom line. Plus, we’ll also get 3 clever niche marketing ideas from North Carolina no-tiller Russell Hedrick that helped him achieve higher profits.







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