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“There’s a lot of strategy on how to alter not only the type of crops but also the different maturities of the crops we’re planting to facilitate the use of cover crops in a system to get the benefits to soil health.” – Jamie Patton

Jamie Patton is a senior outreach specialist for the nutrient and pest management program for the University of Wisconsin. A certified professional soil scientist with a PhD in soil science, Jamie’s expertise is in soil health, cover crops, and nutrient management.

In this episode of the No-Till Farmer podcast, I caught up with Jamie by phone to talk about her favorite subject. She generously shared her insights on sequestering carbon in the soil, the impact microbes, fungi, and organic matter have on the soil biome, evaluating soil structure and compaction, the benefits no-tillers can take advantage of by using cover crops, creating resilience in the soil and much more.







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