Biosorb's TopFilm-F Foliar Fertilizer Biostimulant is made from natural grain materials. TopFilm-F contains cereal grain-based Biocar Microsponges that absorb, spread and coat active ingredients in tank mixes, providing farmers and applicators “rainfastness” and “weatherability” for their crops.

Since the natural-based formula does not contain penetrants, the material does not burn the cuticle of the leaves, fruit, flower or vegetables. Adherence properties of TopFilm-F keep treatments such as foliar fertilizers, minerals, nutrients, fungicides, insecticides, herbicides and algaecides from washing-off readily.

TopFilm-F can be used with fertilizers and nutrients to reduce crop stress. Cereal materials in the Biocar Microsponges contain natural UV protectants which reduce sun scalding in fruits and vegetables. TopFilm-F helps reduce the run-off or wash-off of field treatments and applications.

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