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“Any time you can just stimulate that plant, that's going to translate into yield...” – Kip Cullers

We frequently hear about yield contests and wonder: what did it take for the winners to achieve their massive yields? And can those high yields be reached without breaking the bank?

Kip Cullers, who has been no-tilling in southwest Missouri for more than 30 years, is a corn and soybean rock star, having won multiple yield contests over the years. In 2011, Time Magazine even dubbed him the Soybean King and it’s said that he has unique insights into the precise chemistries needed to produce a stellar crop.

To share his knowledge, Cullers has partnered with Conklin, a manufacturer and distributor of fertilizers, seed treatments, and more to develop a couple of products geared to boosting yields, namely Kip Cullers Nutrient Compass Foliar Fertilizer and Intensify Plant Growth Regulator.

In this episode of the No-Till Farmer podcast, we listen in on a Conklin conference call, with host Dan Willgohs and special guest Kip Cullers as they discuss Kip’s tips for using these products, especially in the cool and incredibly wet conditions that were so widespread this spring and are still plaguing isolated areas across the country.







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