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There's a lot of different [multi-cropping] options and a lot of that is dictated by what there’s a market for. It’s not more profitable if you can’t sell it to anybody…” – Ross Evelsizer, Multi-Cropping Iowa Project Director, Multi-Iowa Resource Conservation and Development

Despite the soil health benefits of many cover crops, getting farmers to adopt them without cost share or subsidies can sometimes be a tricky proposition, as cover crops frequently add to costs but don’t add to the bottom line. Relay cropping, interseeding, double-cropping, and polycropping are all examples of ways farmers are planting cover crop species and bringing them to harvest, rather than terminating them. When it works, they’re able to improve soil ecosystems and improve profits at the same time.

For this episode of the No-Till Farmer podcast, we chat with Ross Evelsizer of Iowa Resource Conservation and Development. As the director of the organization’s Multi-Cropping Iowa project, Evelsizer works with growers around the state to implement cropping systems that help achieve soil health goals while expanding market opportunities. Tune in to hear Ross discuss some of the common multi-cropping rotations farmers are implementing, how they’re adapting equipment and timing to get these extra crops into the rotation and harvested, the impacts multi-cropping can have on flood mitigation and nutrient loss reduction strategies, how multi-cropping can boost the bottom line and more.







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