By John Dobberstein, Senior Editor

A recent speaker at the National No-Tillage Conference will be featured in a new television series that will offer an authentic look at the hardship, dedication and personal triumphs of America’s farmers.

On April 4, the creators of Deadliest Catch and Storage Wars are thrilled to premiere The American Farm at 10 p.m. Eastern on the History channel. One of the five farming families interviewed for the series is Humbolt, Tenn., no-tiller Matt Griggs of Griggs Farms, who spoke about his high-biomass no-till and cover crop system at the 2018 National No-Tillage Conference in Louisville.

You can view photos from the filming at Matt’s farm here. To read No-Till Farmer’s article about Griggs Farms, entitled “Swapping ‘Jugs’ for Cover Crops Leads to Greener No-Till Future,” click here.

Other families featured in this TV program are:

· The Boyd family, from Boyd Farms - Baskerville, Virginia

· The Meyers family, from Meyers Farm - Bethel, Alaska

· The Robertson family, from Bohanan Farm and Contoocook Creamery - Contoocook, New Hampshire

· The Sunderland family, from Sunder Creek Farm - Chester, Utah