NORTH SIOUX CITY, S.D. — Legion Bio Chem recently announced the launch of its newest product, EnduraSeed, adding to the EnduraGro biologicals product line. Legion’s GroWell Solutions include FasGro starter fertilizers, ZenaGro micronutrients, FortiGro foliar nutrients and EnduraGro microorganisms and bio-stimulants.  

EnduraSeed is a seed treatment that offers a blend of aerobic and anaerobic microbes formulated to revive the soil ecosystem to ultimately increase overall plant health. The added microbes work to break down residue and release nutrients in more favorable forms for absorption by small roots. Increasing nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium availability for early growth helps maximize other fertilizer inputs as well.

“Biologicals can be a noisy and confusing space,” Jared Roberts, Legion Bio Chem Vice President of Sales said. “But, they offer maybe the greatest opportunity to add potential profit to a crop. The soil itself can offer a great resource for plant nutrients, they just need to be easily accessible by the root systems,” he added. “EnduraSeed coats that in-going seed with an extra set of hands to reach out and grab that needed fuel.”

The EnduraSeed seed treatment ensures that the microbes are not just near the seed, but right with it at planting. This increases the opportunity for the microbes to provide maximum benefit.

“Everyone puts some form of N, P, K on their fields,” Roberts continued. “If you’re paying for that input, you should get the most out of it - and any nutrients locked up in residue. Our EnduraGro line helps make that happen.”

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