NORTH SIOUX CITY, S.D. — Nutra-Crop, a brand evolution of Legion Bio Chem, recently announced its name change to customers and dealers. According to senior leadership, the team and products remain the same, but the new name highlights the dedicated effort to provide solid agronomic solutions. GroForward Solutions from Nutra-Crop will continue to deliver solutions with the producer, and their fields, in mind. The proven and powerful nutrient options are ready to mix with any current program to maximize soil productivity and plant growth.

Ed Ummach, Nutra-Crop President, explained the branding update, "As we entered this market with a team with over 50 years of combined ag nutrient experience, we were excited to offer solutions that matched the needs of today's farmers: a proven set of soil productivity solutions. That goal has remained unchanged. However, our name caused some confusion — so we're making it clear that our dedicated efforts are aimed at one singular cause: Nutrients for your crops."

The four product families within GroForward Solutions remain: FasGro starter fertilizers, ZenaGro essential micronutrients, FortiGro for faster foliar absorption and EnduraGro microorganisms and bio-stimulants. Newly added to the mix is NovaGro, a family of products ready for tank-mixing.