DRAPER, Utah — At a 4-oz./acre application rate, Aqua-Yield today introduces the Nano-Pro. In university and field testing, Nano-Pro was added to herbicide treatments and showed a consistent increase in weed kill. Data shows that weed kill efficacy improved an average of 29%.

Aqua-Yield CEO and co-founder Clark Bell announces the immediate availability of Nano-Pro for general farm usage in 2.5-gallon containers.

"Nano-Pro is different from other herbicide adjuvants because it contains an aquamized formulation to more effectively deliver herbicide to plant cells through Aqua-Yield's proprietary Nano-Shield delivery system,” Bell says. “Our patented nano-formulation promotes cellular access to weeds, and Nano-Pro can be used in combination with other herbicide products."

Each 2.5-gallon container of Nano-Pro will service 80 acres of farmland weed control.  It is available through Aqua-Yield's regional sales force and distribution partners and is delivered directly to farmers. As an adjuvant, Nano-Pro is Aqua-Yield's next step for the company’s agri-chemical supply chain. Aqua-Yield will introduce more products in the coming months. 

It is recommended not to use this product with fungicides or pesticides. If applied with a fungicide or pesticide, it is the user's responsibility to conduct a trial application on the crop(s) to be sprayed with this mix of chemicals to determine compatibility of products and compatibility with crop(s) sprayed. When mixing with other spray materials, a jar compatibility test is recommended.

For information on Aqua-Yield visit www.aquayield.com