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UPL Expands Herbicide Product for 2022

The product can be used in 30 states

For growers who face persistent troublesome weeds, INTERMOC is a unique combination of contact and residual herbicides that is designed to be a component of a season-long weed control program. 

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Crop Sciences Professor Patrick Tranel

New Mutations for Herbicide Resistance Rarer than Expected, Study Finds

Seeking to better understand herbicide resistance, researchers exposed more than 70 million grain amaranth seeds to a soil-based herbicide. Though preliminary, the findings suggest that the mutation rate in amaranth is very low, and that low-level herbicide application contributes little — if anything — to the onset of new mutations conferring resistance, say researchers at the University of Illinois.
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Novel Sugar From Cyanobacteria Targets Same Pathway as Glyphosate

The newly discovered natural molecule could be as effective as Roundup but potentially safe and non-toxic to humans and animals.
Chemists and microbiologists at Tübingen University in Germany have discovered a sugar molecule that inhibits the growth of plants and microorganisms and appears to be harmless to human cells. Could this be an alternative to controversial glyphosate?
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2018 Farm Progress Show

[Video] Corteva Agriscience Makes Full Launch of Enlist Corn

Andy Fordice, category leader for Enlist herbicides, talks about the recent launch of the Enlist weed control system for corn, including the new choline formulation of 2,4-D in Enlist One and Enlist Duo and the addition of Assure II as a tool against grasses and volunteer corn. Fordice also addresses how the Enlist soybean system gives no-tillers a tool to control tough weeds in-crop with 2,4-D, glyphosate and glufosinate.
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2018 Farm Progress Show

[Video] Credenz Soybeans with New Herbicide Tolerance

Jody Wynia, U.S. Soybean marketing manager for BASF, discusses the reasons behind the growth in usage of Credenz soybeans by U.S. farmers, as well as the new varieties being launched that have herbicide tolerance to both Liberty herbicide (glufosinate) and glyphosate.
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