The 2024 class of Brevant brand corn features 40 new products with industry-leading genetics and traits. Farmers will have expanded access for the upcoming growing season to the latest corn innovations, including Brevant brand Vorceed Enlist corn and Brevant brand PowerCore Enlist corn.

“Retailers and their customers will have the complete package of corn traits and genetics that work together to deliver more flexibility and yield potential,” said Travis Belt, portfolio and technology Leader for Brevant seeds. “We’ve demonstrated new technology in plots, and it will be widely available for 2024 planting.”

The new class of Brevant brand corn averages an additional 9.5 bushels per acre  vs. competitors, according to the company. Vorceed Enlist corn features corn rootworm (CRW) protection with RNAi from Corteva Agriscience. Vorceed Enlist corn provides flexibility to help maximize ROI opportunities on corn rootworm acres. The company says new Vorceed Enlist corn products average an additional 10.5 bushels per acre more than competitors.

Brevant brand PowerCore Enlist corn gives farmers another option to manage weeds and insects, including black cutworm, European corn borer, fall armyworm and southwestern corn borer. Stacked with the Enlist corn trait, PowerCore Enlist corn provides herbicide flexibility and multiple modes of action against tough weeds.

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