The Washington Grain Commission has released its survey of wheat varieties planted for the 2017 harvest season, and Otto came out on top.

The top five winter wheat varieties were Washington State University’s Otto, with 221,975 acres; Syngenta’s SY Ovation with 189,244 acres; WSU Clearfield variety Curiosity CL+ with 155,421 acres; ORCF-102 with 126,593 acres and WestBred’s WB1529 with 64,552 acres.

Commission CEO Glen Squires said farmers plant varieties with good agronomic characteristics, good emergence, disease packages and good yields. The survey helps identify what’s available for growers, the industry and overseas buyers.

In 2017, soft white winter club wheat Crescent, from the USDA Agricultural Research Service, rose to 98,484 acres over Bruehl, with 55,574 acres. Last year, Bruehl had the top spot, with 188,030 acres to Crescent’s 60,944 acres. Squires believes the change was a reflection of concerns over falling number scores, the quality test used to measure starch damage. Bruehl is susceptible to starch damage, but typically a top variety, he said.

For hard red winter wheats, Keldin came in first with 100,911 acres. Limagrain Cereal Seeds’ LCS Jet had 97,830 acres, followed by SY Clearstone 2CL with 50,006 acres and Farnum with 30,444 acres.