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14th Annual No-Till Operational Benchmark Study

No-Till Remains Strong, High Interest in Biologicals, Love-Hate with Covers?

14th annual No-Till Operational Benchmark Study shows yields, acreage up as cost, nutrient uncertainties loom.

No-Till Farmer’s annual benchmark survey received 480 responses from growers in the U.S. and Canada. Results showed the ongoing strength of the no-till movement as the 60th anniversary of the commercial launch of the practice will be marked later this year.

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Terminating a Verbal Farm Land Lease

Some farm leases are not written, but are verbal or "handshake" agreements. Because nothing is in writing, the parties may have different recollections of their agreement, making lease disputes more difficult to resolve. The most common legal issue associated with verbal farm leases is how a lease may legally be terminated. Find out more about how to handle this sticky situation in this article from University of Nebraska Extension.
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Michael Thompson

Diversified Crops and Grazing Cattle Provide No-Till Benefits

Northwest Kansas no-tiller says his soil building and nutrient cycling didn’t start until he added livestock to his diversified farming operation. He credits grazing and cover crops for erosion control and yield increases.
When Michael Thompson was 18 he envisioned himself joining his parents in their farming operation in northwestern Kansas and becoming a dedicated, 100% cash grain farmer. However, life and generations of conventional farming got in the way.
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Weed Control, Fertility in Late-Seeded Winter Wheat Fields

Many winter wheat fields were seeded late last fall because of rainfall at normal planting time, resulting in stands that aren't as competitive with weeds, and younger plants that can be more susceptible to herbicide injury. Here are some management tips from Nebraska Extension for this scenario.
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