The Salford Valmar 56 Series Granular Applicator features polyethylene hoppers, an ISOBUS controller and the ability to control up to four separate metering sections.

Available mounting options include the 3-point hitch mount and the chariot (tow behind) cart, both of which eliminate the need for implement-specific mounting brackets and hardware – making it instantly compatible with virtually any implement. The ease of hitching and unhitching to different implements allows producers to switch between applying starter fertilizer with your planter, to seeding cover crops in no time. The updated platform, paired with the aforementioned mounting options that keep the hopper closer to the ground, make filling and calibrating the 56 series safer and user-friendlier.

Salford’s Valmar 56 series offers a number of features, including:

  • ground drive or hydraulic variable rate metering options available
  • section control ready — electric clutches allow up to four sections of the metering systems to be switched on and off independently of each other
  • section control can be performed manually using an in-cab switch box (with ground drive) or automatically via field maps with ISOBUS rate control system (with hydraulic drive)  

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