Farmers can accurately cover more ground in less time with Salford’s Valmar 8700 Pull-Type Air Boom Applicator, equipped with a wider 72-foot boom. The applicator, paired with its new 72-boom, is tailored to meet the needs of Western Canadian grain producers, delivering high product rates with the accuracy and reliability of proven Valmar air boom technology.

Salford Group will showcase the 8700 applicator and its new 72-foot boom at Canada’s Farm Progress Show in Regina, June 20th to 22nd. The new unit will be available for factory orders from Salford’s Valmar dealers, beginning in July.

The 8700 combines the proven hopper and chassis design of the Valmar 8600 applicator with the advanced air boom technology of the company’s flagship 20-ton Valmar 9620 applicator.

“Producers have been seeking a more affordable applicator with the new air boom features and controls of the 9620 model,” says Jason Janzen, Customer Service Manager at Salford’s Valmar division, based in Elie, Manitoba. “By combining the size of the 8600 with the larger 72-foot boom, and its added features, the 8700 offers what producers have been seeking, and delivers the reliable accuracy they have come to know and trust.”

Enhancements on the 8700 include:

  • Upgraded boom suspension for increased boom stability and durability at higher field speeds
  • Excellent ground-following ability with left/right boom pitch adjustment that is controlled hydraulically from the cab
  • Fully hydraulic boom folding, for all boom sections, with from-the-cab controls

In addition to the new 72-foot boom, the 8700 is also available with a 60-foot boom, featuring outlets on 30-inch centres for post emergence, inter-row applications, to fit corn production needs throughout North America.

Producers can choose from two hopper sizes. The 8708 model features an 8-ton hopper with either mechanical drive or hydraulic rate metering, while the larger, 8711 applicator has an 11-ton hopper and comes with hydraulic rate metering only. 

“The need for accurate, high-speed application continues to drive producer decisions, while prescription application is also becoming a higher priority,” says Brad Baker, Senior Product Manager at Salford Group.

“With 30-plus years of in-field use, Valmar air boom technology has earned a reputation for its ease-of-use and accuracy. Salford is building on that reputation with engineering enhancements as well as features that improve speed, precision and durability.”