Trelleborg's VIP System is a smart and autonomous complete wheel capable of self-adjusting the pressure of a combine harvester’s tire during operation according to its precise load, optimizing the tire’s footprint in order to reduce soil compaction.

The VIP System achieves better flotation, resulting in lower soil compaction of up to 10.5% less and higher crop yield up to 5% more compared to a standard wheel. This is due to the fact that in a standard wheel the pressure within the tire is constant, so the footprint of the tire varies according to the load, limiting the effectiveness of the tire. As the Trelleborg VIP System changes tire pressure depending on the load, the footprint of the tire remains constant at its maximum dimension.

Directly integrated on the tire’s rim, the VIP System consists of a set of sensors measuring several parameters including load, pressure and temperature along with an electronic central processor controlling a compressor and a valve to adjust the pressure. The VIP System automatically senses whether the machine is in the field or on the road and modifies pressure accordingly.

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