Trelleborg's CTIS+ Inside is a full OEM integrated central pressure control system that allows the tractor driver to inflate or deflate the tire pressure directly from the tractor cabin, according to the recommended pressure calculated by the advanced Trelleborg Load Calculator (TLC) software. During the inflation operation, the TLC algorithm instructs the Mechatronic Control Unit (MCU) by joint developer Dana Inc., which independently controls the distribution of air pressure for each wheel, through the Trelleborg manifolds installed on each inner rim. The Trelleborg manifold prevents air leakage between the stator and the rotary elements thanks to its advanced design which includes the Trelleborg in-house developed rotary seal. Finally, the air reaches the tire chamber through the advanced wheel valve developed by Dana which avoids the risk of tire leakages during operations. During the deflation, the TLC software and the MCU instruct the wheel valve to release tire pressure according to the recommended values.

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