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Maxam MS930 LOGXTRA Tire_1221 copy.png

Maxam MS930 LOGXTRA Tire

Specifically designed for high flotation applications, Maxam's 24.5-32 MS930 offers a winning combination of strength and reliability, making it a popular choice for dual-wheel applications.
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BKT RIDEMAX FL 699 Tire_0921 copy


BKT's RIDEMAX FL 699 Tire is equipped with a reinforced bead for better stability, even at high speeds, and is particularly suitable for road applications with trailers and tankers.
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BKT V-FLEXA Radial Tire_0921 copy

BKT V-FLEXA Radial Tire

BKT's V-FLEXA Radial Tire is designed for agricultural trailers and incorporates VF (Very High Flexion) technology, making it able to transport heavy loads with tire pressure that is 30% lower than a standard tire of the same size.
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