Midas' HC 1000 Tire line brings two new NRO (Narrow Rim Option) sizes, the VF 650/65R38 and VF 750/60R46, made to handle high load capacities and operating speeds. The advanced VF (Very High Flexion) construction delivers clear benefits — carrying up to 40% higher load capacity with better traction, ground protection and crop yields. The special NRO construction also brings added benefits, with the VF tires built for mounting on standard rims, providing an additional cost savings to farmers.

These Mitas tires give a secure fit even at low pressures, as well as a longer lifespan.

For more information on the expanded HC 1000 range, visit www.Mitas-Tires.com/en-us/products/farm-tires/tractor-radial/hc-1000.