Mitas' HC 3000 R Tire features Very High Flexion (VF) technology and rounded shoulder sections. Unlike other tires in the Mitas HC range that are primarily used on combine harvesters, the HC 3000 R Tire is designed for self-propelled slurry tankers. High load capacity and gentle ground handling — especially when turning in fields or on grassland — are the main advantages of the HC 3000 R.

Thanks to the innovative carcass structure, the Tires have up to 40% higher load capacity than standard tires, regardless of speed, making the HC 3000 R ideal for cyclic field operations in which the load on the machine frequently changes.

As the Tires can be used at lower inflation pressure, HC 3000 R also have excellent traction and reduced slippage, which results in better fuel economy and productivity.

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