The VT Flex Applicator from Summers is a fully customizable fertilizer application tool, allowing operators to precisely place up to three fertilizer mediums (dry, liquid and anhydrous ammonia) at high rates simultaneously, while maintaining speeds up to 8 miles per hour. It also features a front row of coulter blades for managing residue.

To accommodate a wide variety of farming operations, the high-precision, low-disturbance application knives on the VT Flex Applicator can be configured for 15, 20, 22 and 30 inch row spacing. Fertilizer depth can be adjusted separately from the coulter depth, and the independently mounted disk levelers are adjustable for sealing the fertilizer in the soil. Additionally, customers can choose between five different coulter blade options, which can be spaced for slicing residue on-row and mid-row, as desired.

The VT Flex Applicator is compatible with most makes and models of air carts for applying up to 700 pounds of granular fertilizer per acre. Anhydrous ammonia tanks can be pulled behind the unit for easy NH3 incorporation. It can also accept almost any liquid fertilizer tank setup, from pull-behind carts to tractor saddle tanks.

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