BROOKFIED, Wis. — Understanding the value of delivering diverse, yet targeted content to accommodate the mobility of today’s farmer, Strip-Till Farmer announces the launch of its webinar series.

The brand new video program debuts on Monday, July 19 with “Analyzing a Strip-Till System: A Comparative Breakdown of Practices, Products & Progress,” hosted by Jack Zemlicka, managing editor of Strip-Till Farmer.

This free, live webinar will evaluate and compare results of the just completed 4th Annual Strip-Till Operational Benchmark Study with prior years to include to include shifting equipment preferences, berm-building strategies, fertilization practices and precision technology adoption.

A record 446 farmers from 20 states and Canada who identified themselves as strip-tillers participated in the 2017 study, which revealed a 12% increase in reported strip-till acres to nearly 470,000 along with an all-time high of 75% of total acreage in a strip-till system.

“Our new webinar series is a natural extension of our established online resources and the National Strip-Tillage Conference to provide the strip-till community with a convenient, accessible way to see and hear from their peers sharing actionable, profitable information,” says Zemlicka.

The first episode of the Strip-Till Farmer webinar series is sponsored by Ingersoll. To register for the free event, click here.

About Strip-Till Farmer

Now in its 7th year, Strip-Till Farmer was launched by Lessiter Media Inc. as a twice-a-month e-newsletter and has now grown to include a dedicated website, podcast series and the annual National Strip-Tillage Conference, delivering news and information to farmers on best practices to improve strip-till methods, production and profitability.