Dawn Equipment has released several updates to its MiFx Network, Cfx Electro-Hydraulic Fertilizer Opener and DuoSeed Cover Crop Inter-Seeder.

X-Sense Load Sensor for MiFx Network

A new tool available for the Dawn MiFx Network is the X-Sense load sensor. The X-Sense is a tough, compact hydraulic cylinder that couples to the planter row unit’s depth stop. An integral pressure transducer detects gauge wheel load with much higher resolution than a traditional load cell, and is not sensitive to the ambient electrical noise or temperature variation that commonly degrades the performance of a strain gauge. The X-Sense is available for John Deere and Kinze planters.MiFx ISOBUS

Control Cfx Electro-Hydraulic Fertilizer Opener with MiFx ISOBUS

The Cfx Electro-Hydraulic Fertilizer Opener has options for manual or automated control. It can be controlled manually with a simple, in-cab dial. You also can opt for manual control with the MiFx ISOBUS program on your planter monitor, or with a Dawn-supplied tablet computer. For automated systems, the MiFx Advanced Controller may be used in conjunction with Dawn’s Predictive Ground Hardness Sensor, to regulate the Cfx Fertilizer coulters down force, as well as the planter row unit down force. 

Upgrades to DuoSeed Cover Crop Inter-Seeder

The DuoSeed Cover Crop Inter-Seeder can now be mounted to Miller high tractors. 

Featuring reinforced parallel linkage with pneumatic down force, the DuoSeed employs a novel rotary tamper/scraper, which prevents soil from sticking to the blade or lifting on the edge of the furrow. Each unit features an optional row cleaner and double-disc openers with an offset leading disc to cut through residue and seed the cover crop. A seed firmer follows, along with a gauge wheel for depth control and a closing wheel. 

The DuoSeed units can run on as little as 7½-inch spacings and growers have the ability to mount a different seed tube if they prefer. The row unit is suitable for interseeding, drilling cash crops like soybeans, applying fertilizer and as a light strip freshener for strip-tillers.

For more information, visit www.dawnequipment.com and www.dawnbiologic.com