In case you missed them, here are the items that have garnered the most interest from other farmers in the month of May 2015:

1. 9 Reasons to No-Till Plant into Green Cover Crops

2. New Incentive Helps Growers Give 20-Inch Twin Rows a Try

3. From the Desk of Frank Lessiter: Check Out the Many Benefits of Retaining Crop Residue in a No-Till System

4. Expect Sidewall Compaction When Planting in Wet Conditions


5.  How Temperature Affects Corn Emergence

6. Planter & Drill Attachments Product Roundup 2015

7. Columns & Opinions: The Evolving World of Farm Mobile Apps

8. Safe Rates of Seed Placed Starter Fertilizer

9. Keep Covers in Your Rotation Without Breaking the Bank

10. Sampling for pH and Liming in Continuous No-Till Fields

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