In case you missed them, here are the items that have garnered the most interest from other farmers in the month of May 2017:

  1. Three Ways to Achieve a 266% ROI with Cover Crops
  2. Reports of Poor Palmer Amaranth Control with Dicamba
  3. 9 Things To Know About Annual Ryegrass
  4. Budgeting for $4 Corn and $9.25 Soybeans in 2016
  5. Beware of Alternative Ag Lime Product Claims
  6. [Updated] How Will the Termination of Deere, Precision Planting Deal Affect Your Operation?
  7. Big Horsepower vs. No-Till
  8. How Cover Crop Mixes are Revving up No-Till Systems
  9. From Green to Brown: Tips for Getting Better Results Terminating Cover Crops
  10. 17 Things to Check Before No-Till Planting

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