Feb. 3, 2015 — Nutra-Flo announces the Nutra-K product line from PureGrade. 

The Nutra-K line contains five specialized potassium products to boost potassium and sulfur levels for maximum yield and crop quality. These products are low-salt formulations to allow for safe starter and foliar applications.

"These products provide growers with timely application options to address their potassium and sulfur needs," says Jason Glover, Nutra-Flo director of product development. "Additionally, all of the products are low-salt, non-corrosive, and feature excellent compatibility and storability."

The Nutra-K line contains five unique products derived from different potassium sources to meet the specific agronomic needs of each grower’s crop. The products are Nutra-K24 derived from potassium acetate; Nutra-K30 and Nutra-K32 derived from potassium carbonate; Nutra-KTS derived from potassium thiosulfate; and Nutra-KS23 derived from potassium sulfite.

“Potassium and sulfur are important nutrients for crop development,” says Kelli Barnett, Nutra-Flo agronomist. “Potassium requirements spike in crops during rapid growth periods and seed development. Providing plants adequate potassium at the right time will ensure optimum crop yield and quality. 

"Additionally, sulfur is essential for protein formation and the function of enzymes. These two nutrients are important components of a complete and balanced crop nutrition program."

 The Nutra-K product line is available through a network of more than 600 dealers across North America for the 2015 season. For more information on these products or to order, contact the Nutra-Flo customer support team by calling 1-800-831-4815 or emailing sales@puregrade.com