Nov. 7, 2014 — Exapta Solutions has expanded its Mojo Wire product lineup with an updated kit for dry Keeton seed firmers and a new wire for Flo-Rite seed firmers on planters. It also introduced an improved seed bounce flap for John Deere 50, 60 and 90 drills. 

Updated Mojo Wire Kit 
for Dry Keeton Seed Firmers

Exapta Solutions has simplified and streamlined its Mojo Wire kit for 'Dry' (not liquid-ready) Keeton seed firmer tails for Universal and scraper-mount setups. 


The new kit eliminates the plastic blocks so that the wire clamps directly onto the firmer. This provides faster assembly for the farmer and a price reduction of 55%.

Exapta founder and president Matt Hagny says they discovered the ability to clamp the wire directly to the firmer when developing Mojos for grain drill Keetons. However, the liquid-ready Keeton tails still need the blocks to hold the 1/4-inch plastic tubing, he adds. 

"Almost every Keeton user out there can benefit from the added tension of the Mojo Wires. They keep the Keetons cleaner, since they now have enough tension to wipe the mud off against the furrow sidewall, rather than 'drumsticking' if they have too little pressure," Hagny says. "Not to mention the faster, more uniform emergence from this added pressure.

“When you’re doing seed-to-soil contact by firming exactly at the seed's location, rather than all the soil above the seed, you get the best emergence. Studies bear this out. But if the pressure applied to the seed is too little, you don’t capture the effect. The seed needs to be thoroughly embedded in the bottom of the furrow."

Mojo Wire kits for Dry Universal Keeton tails are $9 each.  

Mojo Wire for Flo-Rite
Seed Firmers on Planters

Exapta has also the Mojo Wire product line to include Flo-Rites for planters. 


"Regardless of closing-wheel type, there are almost always benefits from a firming device running in the seed furrow," Hagny says. "These are a big plus in getting good emergence. And for some spoked closing wheels that do minimal to no packing over the seed — which is desirable in no-till — the in-furrow firming devise is well-nigh essential."Exapta says the Mojo Wire is a good addition to the 2015 model of Flo-Rites, applying two to five times more pressure to ensure fast, uniform germination. The 2014 Flo-Rites can also benefit from Mojo Wires, except in the mellowest of soil conditions. 

The Mojo Wires fit both the ‘Universal’ (wrap-around or scraper-mount) Flo-Rites, as well as the style that straps directly to the seed tube. The Mojo kit for Universal Flo-Rites is $9. 

  Improved Seed Bounce Flap 

for John Deere 50/60/90 Drills 

On the back of the seed boot of these drills is a strip of plastic to help keep the seeds from bouncing out of the furrow or being carried along by the opener blade while it exits the furrow. On air drills the problem is worse due to the high speed with which the seed travels, and the air stream needing to vent, Exapta says, so seeds bouncing or blowing out of the furrow is more extreme, making the little strips of plastic more important than growers may realize.

Gap-with-OEM-flap.jpeg seed-bounce-flap-JDdrills.jpeg

However, Exapta says the OEM and dominant aftermarket flap vendors use straight flaps constructed of materials that are too brittle, and they often snap off in the field. The issue with straight flaps is that it leaves a triangular gap (see photo) for seeds to escape, and this gap gets larger when the straight flaps bend upward during use due to riding on the furrow sidewall. 

Exapta's new flap has a forward bend to help close this gap and keep more seeds in the furrow. The 20-degree forward bend also helps deflect seeds downward into the furrow bottom before dust and chunks of sidewall fall in ahead of the seed, resulting in better seed placement. 

The Exapta flaps also shed mud better and don't wear as much. The flaps are $4.63 each and include the bolt.