Exapta Solutions Inc. introduces new blades for three John Deere no-till drill models, expands its Mojo Wire lineup for the Keeton Seed Firmer on grain drills, and releases the third edition of its educational DVD, “No-Till Seeding Explained.”

bladesJohn Deere 50, 60 And 90 No-Till Drill Blades

Exapta introduces stronger, sharper blades for the John Deere 50, 60 and 90 series no-till drills. After learning that clients struggled with hairpinning from dull blades, the company commissioned Ingersoll-Canada to custom-build a blade using Ingersoll’s proprietary technology in steel formulation. The blades are sharper and stay sharp as they wear, and are also less susceptible to breaking from rocks. The blades are available through Exapta for $36.23 a piece, and dimensions are identical to OEM.

Mojo Wire For Keeton Seed Firmer On Grain Drills

bladesExapta is expanding its Mojo Wire product line to include all current Keeton models for grain drills. The Mojo Wire applies 2 to 5 times more pressure on the Keeton Seed Firmer. The expansion resulted after the company received a number of requests for the products and learned that some farmers and dealers were modifying the Mojos for planters to fit the grain drill seed firmers.

The Mojo Wires fit all of the 2-piece Keeton models (the only style sold in recent years) and are $7 each. Exapta adds this style will fit most Sunflower, Crustbuster, Great Plains, Marliss and other double-disc drills. They also fit the new Case IH Precision 500- and New Holland P2800-series drills using a steel bracket for $10.75 from Exapta.

“No-Till Seeding Explained” Educational DVD

Exapta is releasing its third edition of the “No-Till Seeding Explained” DVD, which is revised and expanded to account for new technology and products that have come onto the seeder market in the past 5 years. The 2-hour video shows the discrete actions necessary for highly effective seed placement in no-till (or stale-seedbed) conditions, while explaining seeder components and their effects. The DVD is $65, including shipping and handling, for shipments in the U.S. and Canada.

For more information, visit www.exapta.com.

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