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“I suspect you guys have those same two traits (as Harry Young Jr.). These idea for these two traits comes from Thomas Edison. One of the best inventors in the United States, possibly in the world. He said you only need two things to be a good invent. one is a good imagination and the other one is a pile of junk. Now you've got probably both of those things.”
-John Young

This week’s “No-Till Influencers and Innovators” podcast features two members of commercial no-till’s founding family: John and Alex Young.

Their presentation to the 2017 National No-Tillage Conference touches on just about everything, from the origins and rise of no-till farming to climate change, cover crops, and residue management.

If you don’t know, John Young’s father, Harry Young, Jr., no-tilled the first commercial plot in Eastern Kentucky in the early 1960s. John bridges the gap between his dad and publication of Edward Faulkner’s seminal work Plowman’s Folly, originally published in 1943.

Alex Young talks about ongoing experiments on the farmland they currently manage, ranging from new experimentation with equipment to water management improvements, pivots and tile drainage.

You’ll also hear people in the audience asking questions near the end of the presentation.

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