The total number of no-till acres grew a whopping 1,440% in Denmark from 2016 (6,178 acres) to 2019 (95,135 acres), according to a recent study by international researchers Amir Kassam, Theodor Friedrich and Rolf Derpsch. Knud Bay-Smidt is among those adopting the practice on his farm. 

“Incorporating climate-smart farming is for me equal to higher sustainability,” Bay-Smidt explains in an article for CropLife International. “To continue as usual, with heavy tillage, is the opposite.” 

The 4th generation Danish farmer grows wheat, barley, oat, oilseed rape and other crops. Bay-Smidt switched to a no-till concept, and started utilizing cover crops, in large part to adapt to the unpredictability of the climate while minimizing the environmental impacts of his operation. He says innovation is the key to agricultural sustainability.

“There’s no denying that if I’m going to pursue climate smart and sustainable agriculture, then the thing I need more than anything else is access to new technologies that can help me adapt to the challenges in front of me,” he says. “We must never lose sight of the power of local solutions. They are the real key to innovation and improvement.”

Bay-Smidt founded his farm in 1987 after graduating from college. With 35 years of experience under his belt, he’s prepared for just about any challenge that comes his way. Now, he’s calling on local leadership to help guide the way.

“The challenge, above all, that I would like to solve is to avoid the daily battle on social media concerning food production,” he says. “If it is not possible to overcome it, then just to learn how to ignore it.

“Our political leaders need to be aware that the agricultural sector is a long-term industry, where changes take time. A red line to guide us would be appreciated – based on science and common sense and not just on the current hot topic in the media.”

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