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Trouble Ahead For GPS Reception?

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has plans for using the bandwidth next to the GPS spectrum and this could seriously damage the practices of precision agriculture.
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Gypsum Improves Soil Profile, No-Tillers Say

Applying 1 ton per acre of gypsum on his fields every other year has made Jack Maloney's silt loam and silty clay loam soils more permeable to rain water, softer down through the soil profile and less prone to surface hardening. He says water does not stand in his fields like it did before he began using gypsum.
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Variable Rate Technology Requires More Time To See The Payoff

No-tillers need to have patience with this technology as returns won’t come as fast as using global positioning system equipment to boost your yields.
While the idea of using global positioning satellite technology took off quickly because the financial returns were immediate, Matthew Sullivan says the returns from variable rate technology may not be as noticeable.
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Stripping Away No-Till Soil Concerns

While strip-till can often overcome wet and cold soil problems, there’s no reason to consider the expense and time involved if no-till corn is working for you.
With some midwestern no-tillers facing concerns with cold and wet soils, building fall strips may be a good way to dry out and warm up these problem soils before no-tilling in the spring.
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Using Precision Ag To Unlock Higher No-Till Yields

You can earn an extra $5.20 extra per acre by using variable rate seeding with new precision management tools.
To feed future generations, no-tillers will need to find new ways to increase productivity while conserving current and future resources, says Darian Landolt, a researcher in CNH Global’s Product Management Innovation Group at Maple Park, Ill. Most importantly, he maintains that these objectives must be sustainable.
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