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Focus on Scouting and Plant Diversity to Build ‘Army’ of Beneficial Insects

A no-tilled field with cover crops offers abundant habitat for insects. Encouraging the good critters while deterring the bad through rotations will help keep them in balance.
Adopting no-till and cover crops has a wide range of potential soil benefits, including reduced erosion, improved water holding capacity and a greater ability carbon below ground.
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Enlist Pollinators, Predator Insects to Help Fight Pests in No-Tilled Crops

‘Extending the bloom’ with buffer zones, cover crops and native prairie grass strips helps nurture the symbiotic relationship between insects, soils and flowering plants.
In an age of surface-applied insecticides and seed treatments, the importance of beneficial insects and natural pollinators to a thriving agricultural ecosystem can easily be overlooked.
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Biopesticides Emerging as Tool for Managing Resistance Issues

Naturally derived fungicides, nematicides and other products are becoming part of integrated pest management plans for no-tillers to protect crops and the environment.
No-tillers concerned about weeds, insects or crop diseases becoming resistant to traditional chemical controls may want to check out the growing lineup of biological pesticides on the market.
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NNTC 2015 Speaker Presentation

Balancing Insecticide Use And Soil Health Through An IPM Approach - John Tooker - NNTC 2015 Presentation - MP3 Download


Integrated Pest Management is more than just knowing what to spray and when, John Tooker says. The Penn State University entomologist says no-tillers need to think more broadly about their approach to insect control to consider how use of insecticides impact soil health, onfarm diversity of beneficial insects and whole farming systems.


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