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What I've Learned from No-Tilling

7 Steps To Making Precision Technology Work

Clay and Wade Mitchell took seven crucial steps to convert their Iowa farm into the world’s “highest tech” ag production system.
In a recent entry on The Mitchell Farm Web site (, I wrote that “effectiveness comes from getting the one piece of information necessary to make a decision and leaving the rest unseen.” I was referring to how easy it is to get smothered in GPS field-generated data, but often not knowing how to put it to work.
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This Is An Opportune Time To Consider Farm Innovations

Many costs are on the rise, but increasing farm prices also provide revenue for implementing new technologies that can improve no-till operations, efficiency and profits.
It’s times like these when the sticker shock of rising costs combined with the opportunities presented by rising prices leads resourceful growers to take a new look at the way they run their operations. New and innovative technologies available today can help you reduce the use of materials and take fuller advantage of the assets you already have.
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Dare to Compare

This farmer matches his conversation system to varying soil types
Tim Manchester was nonchalantly looking over yield maps when the clusters of dots representing yields glowed as brightly as a K-Mart blue light special.
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Choose Auto Steering Wisely

Avoid buyer’s remorse by keeping several factors in mind when considering an investment in this technology.
Avoid buyer’s remorse by keeping several factors in mind when considering an investment in this technology.
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Hands Off the Wheel!

There is a lot to be gained by no-tillers willing to invest in a high-precision auto steering system and use it correctly.
If you've ever wondered if precision farming would fit in your operation, listen to Clay Mitchell. This farmer from Buckingham, Iowa, has been using automatic guidance systems in his no-till operation since 2000, and he has some thoughts on the subject.
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Hands-Free No-Tilling!

With all the talk about auto-steering, here’s how to decide which system is best for your no-till operation.
With every new innovation that comes around to make our lives easier, there comes a price tag — usually a hefty one. And that rule of thumb is not set aside when it comes to auto-steering.
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