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No-Tillers May Want to Re-Examine Soil Test ‘K’, Application Habits

Study finds little or no correlation between soil-test potassium levels and higher yields, with crop residue and deeper soil reserves providing more than enough of the nutrient.
No-Tillers looking for a way to cut fertility costs might want to review what they’re spending on potash (KCI) and other potassium (K) fertilizers, because in many soil types and situations there’s a good chance you’re wasting your money, says Saeed Khan.
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NNTC 2015 Speaker Presentation

The Potassium Paradox — A Path To Profitability With No-Till - Saeed Khan - NNTC 2015 Presentation - MP3 Download


No-tillers should be concerned with soil test values assigned to potassium and the resulting intensive use of muriate of potash (KCI). Saeed Khan says recent studies show soil test values to be of no interpretative value due to drastic fluctuations and fail to differentiate potassium buildup from depletion. Levels have been found to increase even in the absence of applied potassium.


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