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How No-Tillers Will Tweak Field Management After the Great Flood

After brutal planting conditions in 2019, many no-tillers are looking to shorter-season hybrids and varieties, faster planting, split ‘N’ applications, cover crops and more to adjust for 2020.
Most of the time, a dynamic no-till system can take a hefty punch from Mother Nature, with roots, residue and healthier soils providing some resiliency.
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Right Green for Crop, Environment, Wallet

Light sensor tools help growers make sense of nitrogen

Too much of a good thing can be a bad thing. That’s certainly true for nitrogen fertilizers. Without enough nitrogen, crops don’t grow well. Yields are reduced significantly. Applying too much nitrogen fertilizer, on the other hand, can hurt the environment. Researchers have found that active canopy sensor-based nitrogen management can efficiently manage nitrogen in agriculture.

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Swapping ‘Jugs’ for Cover Crops Leads to Greener No-Till Future

Matt Griggs says embracing biomass in his fields has improved soil tilth and health, stabilized yields, enhanced weed control and produced a better-looking balance sheet.
When Matt Griggs decided to embark on no-till practices more than a decade ago he was already dealing with a degraded soil resource. More than 100 years of conventional tillage and a monoculture of cotton on his family’s rolling farm ground had caused erosion and stripped soils of organic matter.
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Tools To Quantify Risk In Nitrogen Management - Peter Kyveryga (NNTC 2014 Presentation) - MP3 Download

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Effective corn nitrogen management is often boiled down to quantifying and managing various risks. Peter Kyveryga says two common risks are nitrogen losses during wet springs and the risk of using diagnostic tools and nitrogen prescriptions that do not consider uncertainty at various spatial and management levels. View

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