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[Webinar] Top Tips for Improving No-Till Planter Performance

No-Till Farmer held a joint webinar event sponsored by Martin Industries, the manufacturers of Martin-Till planter attachments and tools. On March 16 at 10 a.m. CST, we took an in-depth look at planter setups, tools and technologies that will improve no-till seeding performance. Farm Equipment magazine co-hosted the event. [To view any of our webinar replays, you must be logged in with a free user account.]
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Tips For Making No-Tilled Corn-On-Corn Successful

No-tillers and planter experts share their advice in working through tough corn residue and achieving good stands in continuous corn.
Price advantages. Nutrient management. Increasing organic matter. Soil types. There are many reasons a no-tiller may decide to work with a corn-on-corn rotation, but continuous no-till corn isn’t absent of challenges.
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What I've Learned from No-Tilling

Efficient Fertility, Cover Crops Set The Table For A Life Of No-Till

Cover crops, specialty products and strategic fertilizer placement provide a yield boost for veteran Pennsylvania no-tiller H. Grant Troop.
I now know that what I was calling no-till in the early 1970s wasn’t what many would classify as no-till, but my farming operation now certainly fits the definition. Only the coulters on my no-till planter and drill crack the surface of my fields today.
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The Tools That Get The Job Done For No-Tillers

No-Till Farmer readers sound off about their no-till planter setups and the technology that helps them move residue to get proper seed placement and great corn stands.
Wet fall, wet spring, wet fall, wet spring. It seems no-tillers need to get used to making things work in a more aquatic-type system, our recent survey of No-Till Farmer readers found. In fact, how our readers’ no-till planter setups worked in wet conditions was a common thread in the replies we received.
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Top 9 Tips Offered For Boosting No-Till Fields

A past winner of the No-Till Innovator Award and owner of HyMark Consulting in Martinsville, Ohio, offers the following tips for maximizing your no-till yields.
Your no-till planter setup can depend on your conditions and equipment. Talk to others who are no-tilling successfully and do your homework, including research on the Internet.
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NNTC 2015 Speaker Presentation

43 Years of Trying Something Different to Improve a No-Till System - David Brandt - NNTC 2015 Presentation - MP3 Download

When David Brandt went from the fields of Vietnam to the fields of Carroll, Ohio, in 1971, the encouragement of his uncle and grandfather, as well as local consultants and farmers, gave him the push to “try something new.” Thus began a 43-year journey with no-till. View

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