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2020 National Cover Crop Summit: Fall Edition

Aerial Seeding Can Be an Effective Cover Crop Seeding Method

A Wisconsin farmer and Certified Crop Advisor speaks during the online National Cover Crop Summit: Fall 2020 Edition about why aerial seeding can work for growers.
Harvest season is a busy time. There is so much for a grower to organize, manage and stay on top of that adding one more thing during the season — like seeding cover crops — may seem way too daunting.
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Timing, Predators Affect Aerial Cover Crop Seeding

An experienced ag pilot says flying on covers in northern climates too early can starve the seeds for sunlight or leave them prey to slugs and earthworms.
Aerial seeding is a popular method to help no-tillers get cover crops established in a timely manner, especially in far northern U.S. climates where growing seasons are shorter and application windows are tight.
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