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Scientists: Glyphosate Contributes to Phosphorus Runoff in Lake Erie

Low soil pH and certain metals are causing glyphosate to release phosphorus from the soil, which is responsible for about 25% of dissolved reactive phosphorus runoff in the Maumee watershed.
Scientists now know that the increase in dissolved reactive phosphorus (DRP) runoff that’s been plaguing the western Lake Erie basin is mostly coming from farms located in the Maumee watershed.
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No-Tillers Ready to Make Slight Cuts with Fertilizer

After increasing per-acre spends on fertilizer in 2014, no-tillers will try to trim expenditures mostly through cuts to soybean applications.
Year after year, fertilizer is the big gorilla in the room when it comes to farm expenditures. In 2014, the readers of No-Till Farmer spent an average of $85,513 per farm to feed their crops — far outpacing the average of $69,732 spent on average, per farm, for land rent.
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Succeeding at No-Till Without ‘Chasing Acres’

After nearly quitting on agriculture, Jonathan Cobb is rebuilding his family’s central Texas farm through no-till practices, intense cover-crop mixes and rotational grazing to amass ‘soil wealth.’
Less is proving more for Jonathan Cobb — fewer acres, lower expenses for equipment, fertilizers and herbicides and more hope about his future in farming.
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Proper Soil pH is Key to Molybdenum Availability

Most problematic for legumes, molybdenum deficiencies are sometimes misdiagnosed as nitrogen deficiencies, but with a soil pH greater than 6.0, a response to applications is unlikely.

Editor’s note: This is the seventh of seven articles to be published in the No-Till Farmer newsletter on micronutrients essential to plant health.

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