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Wisconsin No-Tillers Win Leopold Conservation Award

The Nolls's contour strip cropping system that divides their farm into 119 fields. This scenic yet practical configuration, coupled with a no-till system, helps prevent soil erosion. The Nolls also plant winter rye, turnips, and tillage radishes as cover crops to improve soil health and prevent erosion.
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Capturing Sunlight, Building Carbon with Strip Cropping and Interseeding

A continual search for a more profitable bottom line led this Wisconsin strip-tiller to embrace no-till, interseeded covers and alternative row spacing.
A LONG-TIME strip-tiller, Marty Weiss has been conservation-minded for years. But he’s taken inspiration from the recent widespread focus on soil health and in the past few years tackled several new practices, including no-till, strip cropping, interseeding cover crops in both 30-inch and 60-inch corn, planting green and even seeding covers for regenerative grazing.
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