If your crops have been burned by the drought, I know it’s hard to think about much else right now. But maybe I can offer you a brief diversion.

Last spring, Alpha, Ill., no-tiller Marion Calmer and No-Till Farmer editor Frank Lessiter kicked off the “No-Till Yardstick” program in hopes of getting more no-tillers to engage in independent onfarm research. The goal is to develop another resource for information about cover crops, precision technology, varieties and hybrids, fungicide use and other similar topics, and to share this wealth of knowledge.

Frank and Marion added an incentive: The first 10 people who sent in valid data from new onfarm research projects this year would have their registrations paid to attend the 2013 National No-Tillage Conference in Indianapolis, Ind.

You can read more about this project here.

Our phones haven’t been ringing off the hook with questions about this program and I can’t say I’m surprised, given how severe and widespread the drought was this year.

But for those of you who already committed to projects this spring, what did you learn? Is there anything you can take away from this growing season that could be valuable to other no-tillers?

 This program was created to benefit you, and we’re asking those with valid projects to let us know about them. Send me an e-mail or drop a note to Marion.