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In this podcast, we hear directly from Frank Lessiter, long-time of No-Till Farmer, who has covered no-tillage for 45 years. In this special episode, he’s interviewed by his son, Mike (Lessiter Media president) about the greatest living influences on no-tillage in the U.S. It’s an entertaining, insightful history lesson unlike you’ve ever heard before.

Frank shares memories and anecdotes on 25 individuals who helped pioneer this once-revolutionary farm practice that grew from 3.2 million acres in 1972 to its current 100-million-acre level.

Frank’s living legends list includes growers, educators and suppliers, and represents 15 different states. Frank’s work today is part of a full-year project on no-till history, including those who’ve gone before that are no longer with us today.

This No-Till Farmer podcast, brought to you by Topcon Agriculture, is a one-on-one conversation with Frank, who has the unique vantage point of covering this one single topic almost from its inception.

Frank is also writing the first-ever book of its kind ... “A History of No-Till Farming ... From Maverick to Mainstream.” Listeners to today’s podcast receive a special, limited-time offer exclusively to podcast listeners.







No-Till Influencers & Innovators podcast series is brought to you by Topcon Agriculture.

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