No-Till Farmer editors are working fast and furious on the Summer issue of Conservation Tillage Guide. We're getting great support once again from ag manufacturers on this issue, so we're expecting it to be another 100-page-plus blockbuster with plenty of practical, useable tips for no-tillers.

There's a couple stories where we're looking for additional feedback or experiences from no-tillers:

  • Have you worked with any biological products or fertilizer to help degrade corn residue?
  • Do you have experience with any new tiling technologies, whether GPS- or laser-guided, or even tiling that can be adjusted to remove more or less water from fields?

Just drop me a note at with your experiences and your contact information, and I'll share it with our writers.

 Sharing of experiences is what has made No-Till Farmer an industry-leading publication for 40 years, and it gets us excited to produce each and every issue.