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No-Till Secrets You Won’t Get Anywhere Else

No-tilling when everyone thought he was nuts, this farmer has been doing it for 20 years and has plenty of handy tips that will help virtually any no-till operation.
Of all the no-tillers in the world, probably no one possesses the zest and pizazz of Ivan Myers of Oregon, Ohio. At 74 years of age, this no-tiller began farming the hard way, shocking wheat behind a grain binder and handling hay with a fork instead of a baler.
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Map Out Soil Fertility!

With a true-color aerial photograph, you can determine your soil’s fertility management areas.
When it comes to naming the ultimate goals of no-tillers, getting the soils back to the original state Mother Nature intended would be darn near the top of the list.
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Bullseye Spraying!

This South African no-tiller found ways to save time and money by accurately placing chemicals.
Unless you've been living under a rock for the past few years, you know no-till is the best thing to preserve the soil and stop the serious cropping problems caused by years of conventional tillage.
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No-Till Goes To Pot

As the debate heats up, Canadian growers discuss the good, the bad and the ugly of no-tilling hemp.
You can make rope out of it. Not to mention clothing. And diapers, cookies and lubricants. There's even talk of a new "super metal" that's stronger than titanium and lighter than aluminum. In fact, it seems there's not much you can't make out of it.
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A Chilling Problem...Solved!

Two successful no-tillers located 800 miles apart, two no-till solutions. Both banked on machinery to dry out their cold, wet no-till soils—and both found success
Ask any no-tiller around the world what their biggest problem is and he’s likely to name moisture. Or at least put it among the top five concerns. If it's not the folks on the east coast worried about a drought, it's the folks in the Midwest concerned about drying out the field and being able to get out and plant on time.
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Wetter Is Better?

From the dusty dry areas of the country to the places where conventional farmers are spinning tractor tires in the mud, this new no-till system can successfully plant in almost any condition.
With record breaking droughts, winds and downpours shattering farmlands in many areas around the country, this year was particularly tough for no-tillers to plant and harvest on time and still get a decent crop.
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Top 12 No-Till Money Savers

This Canadian no-tiller cut back his acreage, sold a line of equipment, reduced trips across the field and switched away from continuous cropping while improving his bottom-line.
Maybe I'm crazy. I hope not. I’ve always thought of myself as a rational person. But I was hesitant to believe that any no-tiller could cut his no-till acres from 10,000 acres to 3,600, sell a line of equipment, cut back on chemical applications and increase his profit margin.
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Slow Down, Tune Up Your No-Till Planter

Frustration made this no-tiller start his own seed-metering business and strive for planting perfection. Here’s how to soup up your planter for picket-fence stands.
Gregg Sauder of Tremont, Ill., has been working on no-till planters for 6 years now. He checks vac units and finger units for worn parts and calibrates both to make sure they are up to par. In fact, no-tillers around the country are lining up to have Sauder tinker with their planter to make sure it’s in top-notch condition.
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