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More On No-Till Seed Coatings

As we near the dawning of the new millennium, farming technology leads us to the future of seed coatings and a plethora of new cropping possibilities.
Since the first word of the first rumor leaked out, there has been a buzz amid the no-till community about seed coatings. But not just any seed coating, coatings that would delay germination for up to 20 days, opening a new realm of different possibilities.
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No-Till Learning Pays Off

Attending THe National No-Tillage Conference is rewarding in numerous areas. In fact, this no-tiller walked away with the use of a brand-new Computrol II monitoring unit for one year.
Norman Waldner of the Cedar Grove Colony in Platte, S.D., couldn’t believe his ears during the Friday night banquet of the National No-Tillage Conference last January in St. Louis, Mo.
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Talkin' Trash

A creative solution solves the problem of stopping the tractor to rid the no-till planter of plugged residue.
When Mike Linnehan fires up his tractor and no-till planter, he doesn’t want to stop for any reason. He likes to keep everything going in one smooth pass, if at all possible.
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30 Years And Counting

While no-till is a relatively new practice for some farmers, this no-tiller has been doing it successfully for 30 years, learning valuable insights and practices along the way.
Every no-tiller has had their share of challenges. Maybe you’re dealing with a difficult landlord or your seed dealer is 3 days late in delivering your special shipment of Bt corn.
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Managing Nitrogen To The Nth Degree

There’s no doubt managing nitrogen is critical in no-tilling, but what about the big picture impact?
Gyles Randall had a tough job in front of him. Here he was, at the National No-Tillage Convention last January and he knew the last things these top-notch no-tillers wanted to hear about were environmental concerns about nitrogen application.
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Making The Most Of It!

To promote no-till learning, these groups captured hundreds of valuable no-till ideas at the mid-winter National No-Tillage Conference.
With innovative farmers seeking more no-till ideas, there’s nothing more informative and educational than the annual National No-Tillage Conference.
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Rooting Around

This Canadian no-tiller uses his farm as a “test-plot” for deciding what works and what doesn’t.
Kelly Johnson doesn’t claim to be a no-till researcher. But the customers at his fertilizer dealership may beg to differ.
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Grow 18% More Silage!

As narrow row corn moves from an idea to mainstream practices, this extension agent says narrower rows are your best bet for no-till silage.
Even if you're brand-new to the no-till corn scene, you're well aware of the row spacing debate. Some folks swear 30-inch corn is the best spacing. Others are staunch defenders of the 15- or 20-inch plan. And still others maintain 7-inch twin rows is the wave of the future and we might as well get used to it.
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The Great American Cover Up!

These no-tillers use cover crops to conserve moisture, add nitrogen and get more bang for their buck.
When it comes to effectively using cover crops to enhance no-till soils and crop stands, chances are you won’t find any better information than what these no-tillers use on their own farms.
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Better Than Christmas

When this lucky lowan farmer attended last winter's National No-Tillage Conference, little did he know he'd be the envy of the event.
The entertainment was over. The dinner was through. It was time for the most anticipated event of the National No-Tillage Conference. Someone in this room would win an Art’s-Way Manufacturing, Co. United Farm Tools drill for one year.
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