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Make The Crop Tell You Where Field Variations Are

Precision agriculture technology gives you tools, but combine them with your own observations to create a map for success in your no-till fields.
The complexity of precision ag technology, when combined with your own knowledge, boils down to creating information that guides your decisions toward greater profits, according to Joe Nester and John McGuire.
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Select The Right Features When Buying Your Own Sprayer

There are a wide range of options, but even some of the most desirable might not be worth the investment, depending on your operation.
Greg Simpson has seen the big mistakes and speaks from experience when offering advice to no-tillers considering buying a sprayer. "The main thing is to ask yourself what your needs are. If you see a sprayer you like, ask yourself if the wheel spacings are right. Are the nozzle spacings right? Is the clearance what you need? Those are the kinds of things that should determine which sprayer you buy"; he says.
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Start No-Till On Right Foot

When the board of the Pennsylvania No-Tillage Alliance spotted $25,000 in available grant funds to promote adoption of no-till, they swung into action. And they quickly upped the available dollars by partnering with farm equipment dealers and lenders to offer a comprehensive package to make no-till equipment more affordable and no-till more certain.
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Brain Trust Gathers Again At National No-Tillage Conference

A total of 728 attendees, the most in more than a decade, came together in Des Moines, Iowa, to discuss the latest in no-tilling and where we go from here.
THE ANNUAL National No-Tillage Conference has evolved into part meeting of the minds, with no-till experts and novices gathering from across the country and the world, and part family reunion, with even first-time attendees bonding quickly during the intense but friendly event.
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No-Till Twin-Row Cropping Continues Farming Evolution

Building on the benefits of conservation tillage, growers find additional advantages and yields from the twin-row system.
Once considered a radical cropping system, no-tilling continued its climb into the mainstream this year. News headlines noted the surging number of growers jumping into no-tilling to escape from skyrocketing fuel and fertilizer prices.
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CSP Payments Reward No-Tillers For Their Practices

One farmer who collects maximum government payments says your current management practices could deliver thousands of dollars per year, but be ready to document your work.D
Jim Andrew believes that his long-term no-tilling on 1,275 acres of corn and soybeans near Jefferson, Iowa, qualifies him for at least $23,000 of his annual $45,000 annual Conservation Security Program Tier III payments under the 2002 farm bill.
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No-Till Advocate Gets Around And Keeps His Eye On Cover Crops

Indiana official shares his experiences and views on the benefits of cover crops for no-till fields.
"I get to see a lot of what some of the best farmers in the state and the country are doing. I find that most no-tillers, especially the ones committed to long-term no-tilling, are really chasing this thing called soil quality. That's what ultimately gives them an economic boost." --Barry Fisher
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