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No-Till Farmer’s ‘History of No-Tillage’ Museum

Attendees at the 30th Annual National No-Tillage Conference in Louisville experienced an all-new ‘walking tour’ of no-tillage history.

In 2021, No-Till Farmer editors began planning the “Triple Crown” of no-till milestones that were aligning in 2022. That is, 60 years since the first commercial no-till plots in Kentucky, 50 years since the launch of No-Till Farmer and 30 years of the National No-Tillage Conference, to be held back in no-till’s ol’ Kentucky home.

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University Researchers Battle Over No-Till ‘Fad’

Late Allis-Chalmers’ marketing exec recalls the opposition no-till faced as its champions tried to gain ground in the practice’s adoption.

Having spent 39 years in the farm equipment industry, I was fully aware of the fact that new machines aren’t unanimously accepted everywhere immediately. Thank goodness they aren’t, as the factory couldn’t keep up if a deluge of farm equipment tool orders had come from everywhere at the same time. 

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Squaring Away Generational Differences on the Plow

The great-grandson of Walter T. Jack provides a personal yet conflicted history on the famed debate that defended and condemned the plow.

Not as well-known to no-tillers as Plowman’s Folly and its heralded author/champion Edward H. Faulkner was the responding book that contradicted it. Iowa’s Walter T. Jack boldly defended the moldboard plow against Faulkner in The Furrow and Us, released in 1946, with prose every bit as powerful as that of his nemesis.

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What Research & Literature Most Contributed to No-Till’s Adoption?

This first-ever project recognizes the most significant works in no-till research & literature, and the efforts of those who contributed to the practice’s understanding in North America and beyond.

In September 2021, No-Till Farmer commissioned a project to determine the most significant research and publications that assisted in the understanding and adoption of no-till agriculture. Randall Reeder, retired ag engineer from Ohio State Univ., and Don Reicosky, retired USDA soil scientist, collaborated on a detailed process to complete this large and aggressive project in advance of three important no-till milestones in 2022.

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Landoll Quadra-Planter

What Ever Happened to the Legendary Allis-Chalmers’ No-Till Planter?

Landoll Corp. acquired Allis-Chalmers landmark no-till innovation in 1993 and rebranded it as the Quadra-Planter.
Allis-Chalmers (A-C) is widely credited with designing, manufacturing and selling the first “commercially successful” no-tillage planters in 1966. Landoll Corp. acquired Allis-Chalmers landmark no-till innovation in 1993 and rebranded it as the Quadra-Planter.
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