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What I've Learned from No-Tilling

Cover Crops Smother Weeds, Slash Input Costs, Bring Soils To Life

Manure, covers and more than 4 decades of no-till helped North Carolina farmer Ray Styer rejuvenate old tobacco acres and eliminate the need for commercial fertilizers on his small farm.
Looking out over my fields today, it’s hard to imagine them as the rundown acres I originally purchased with my wife back in 1958.
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No-Till Worth An Extra $1,000

Many farmers recognize that no-tilled ground is probably worth more than land farmed with more intensive tillage. Yet there’s little evidence that indicates no-tilled ground brings a premium price when a farm goes on the sale block.
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Finding The Fertility ‘Gold Mine’ After A Dry Year

No-tillers could save inputs costs and raise yields by accessing residual nutrients in fields, but they need relevant data and must understand the factors that affect nutrient availability.

No-Tillers whose fields were ravaged by drought last year will face some crucial decisions this spring as they investigate nutrient levels in their fields

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Tips For No-Tilling ‘Lean And Green’

No-tillers who do their own onfarm research can harvest the data needed to make better decisions about their farm systems and inputs.
One way no-tillers can make their farms more profitable is to put their management decisions under a closer microscope and determine if they’re making the right choices about fertilizers, hybrids/varieties, row spacing or equipment
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