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Encouraging Good Insects And Limiting The Bad Ones

No-till and biodiversity can preserve beneficial insect populations that naturally control crop pests, and possibly reduce insecticide usage, says a USDA expert.
The prevalent attitude that the only good bug is a dead bug is leading agriculture down a perilous road, says Jonathan Lundgren, an entomologist at the USDA-ARS laboratory in Brookings, S.D.
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Seed Coatings Win With Relay Intercropping

By no-tilling earlier with coated seed, you’ll gain more growing season and extra yield.
In the Northern Corn Belt, no-tilling doublecrop soybeans can be as risky as betting on $5 corn. Mark Meyer of Jenera, Ohio, makes the practice profitable by using polymer coated soybeans in relay intercropping.
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Double-Up With Intercropping

As the concepts behind conservation tillage becomes more complex, more no-tillers are looking to double their acreage and earning potential with intercropping.
A cropping system with the potential to increase farm income while hedging production risk is Modified Relay Intercropping (MRI). MRI is the planting of soybeans into standing wheat 20 to 30 days prior to wheat harvest. The goal of this planting date is to have a well established soybean plant 6 to 8 inches tall (V2-V4) at wheat harvest.
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New Seed Coatings Mean Exciting No-Till Changes

Polymer seed coatings will extend double-cropping northward, encourage no-tilling of full-season soybeans prior to corn and help no-till corn growers ignore the calendar.
With polymer based soybean seed coatings expected to be used by a few farmers next spring, many traditional seeding ideas are about to be discarded.
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