Dickey-John announces that it has added AutoSwath Control, an automated row shutoff system, to its existing family of precision ag technology.

"Reduction in planting overlap is the key element this technology provides that directly impacts cost savings to the farmer by eliminating wasted seed and optimizing yields," says Pat Fuchs, product manager for Dickey-John. "The Swath Control system when used with the IntelliAg system, also offered by Dickey-John, automatically enables and disables individual planter sections utilizing a GPS signal as previously planted areas are approached."

Fuchs says the AutoSwath Control system has a dedicated terminal that displays field coverage maps for real-time viewing of the planting operation without interruption of application rate and seed monitoring information. The AutoSwath terminal is a full-color display for easy identification of external boundaries, areas planted and areas left to plant.

A manual feature allows the operator to manually override planter sections in the event of a lost GPS signal or in special conditions, Fuchs says A Run In Overlap feature lets the operator set a delay for section shutoff when a planted area is crossed. A Run Out Overlap feature turns sections on before reaching a nonplanted area.

Fuchs says Dickey-John plans to roll out the new AutoSwath Control system at the National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville, Ky., next month.